BeX® Online
Erp and retail system in the cloud

What is BeX?

BeX® is a cloud based erp- and retail system developed to support the new era of physical and digital trade. You can easily connect e-commerce, shops, distributors, salespeople etc worldwide and handle sales, orders, stock, shipments and communication.  With BeX® you have full control of products, pricing. campains, availibilty, logistic, earnings and profit in real time.

With BeX® you can sell everywhere and work anywhere.

No suprices – no investments – allways updated – always available.

Vad säger våra kunder?


”You have givenus great confidence in your skills and to BeX”, says Jan Wallmark, CEO at Magasin Mathilde.


”It is a pleasure working with the specialists at the company. We can really recommend the company PerfectIT, the product BeX Online and the people that makes everything happen.”, says Per Braun one of the founders of Katarina & Vänner.

Bex® manages everything we want to do. It has been a considerable upgrade comapred to before.” says Lars Rabenius, CEO at Best of Brands.

The cooperation with Perfect IT has been working very well, during the years new functionalities have been added that have made us more efficient. Bex is a modern system that is easy to understand. ” says Mikael Kjellman, CEO and co founder.

”BeX® Online has provided our business a very good and stable platform where we can grow even stronger”, says Marcus Tagesson, CEO at Babyshop.

“Give a praise to the inventors! It feels like they have understood the position of an average experienced user and have created an intelligible and logical system.” says Hans Edblad, CEO Altavario


”BeX gives us a business solution that we can grow with without risks of quality drops. ”, says Art-ong Songdon e-commerce manager at

hollywood”Since we changed to BeX® Online most things have been easier and we have got much free time to do other things, as the system is adjusted to our needs” says Mattias Grönlund, former CEO at Hollywood.