About us – Perfect It

Lennart Söderberg, VD och Grundare av Perfect IT, visar affärssystemet Bex Online

About us – Perfect IT

Perfect IT has since the start in 2001 specialized in helping trading companies obtain well-functioning and expedient business systems for orders, stock, purchase, economy, store and e-commerce. We have also been resellers and partners to Microsoft Dynamics NAV since the beginning. After many years of developing solutions for e-commerce and stores, we have now developed and coordinated everything into one modern and web based business system that handles all your business transactions – BeX® Online.

BeX® Online is a SaaS-system (Software as a Service) that we offer as a service in the cloud. This web service includes access to software, support and updates. Perfect IT also provides education, project management and counseling in everything that affects business- and retail systems with our product BeX® Online. You as a costumer will at the same time receive a cloud based retail store system, order system and business system that connects all channels in a omnichannel-perspective.

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