BeX® Online

BeX® Online is a modern and completely web based POS system that is offered as a service in the cloud to trading companies. Due to modern technology and clever solutions, BeX® Online is easier, more effective and cheaper compared to traditional POS systems. BeX® Online is developed to match the needs of the future with sales in both the psychical and digital world. Information and check-ups is managed in real time between different trading venues to achieve Omni channel, or Unified Commerce. Thanks to the cloud based POS system, BeX® Online can handle an unlimited amount of companies, warehouses, currencies and price lists. The economy system offers a communal register for articles, customers, suppliers and vouchers, which in turn makes both maintenance and coordination easier.

BeX® Online is offered as a service for a fixed cost each month to our users, where everything except education is included.

No surprises • No investment • Always updated • Always available

BeX WMS lagerfunktioner i det molnbaserade affärssystemet Bex Online hanteras enkelt med scanner och tablet
Niklas Lindgren, CTO på Perfect It, utvecklar affärssystemet BeX Online, BeX Retail och BeX POS kassasystem

Work anywhere – sell everywhere

BeX® Online gives you:

  • A register for articles with groupings for each statistic and search, customs- and order information, text blocks with HTML-editing, variation management (colors, sizes and lengths), package, tags, accessory and price lists.
  • Order function with status, order type, collection management, part deliveries, matris management with variation, package management, delivery and billing.
  • WMS with shelf-space storage, pick- and buffer location, incoming deliveries and delivery orders, pick and pack, automatic refills, relocation optimizing based on turnover rate, adjustments, stock movements and inventory. Mobile management with barcode scanning enables a rational and safe management.
  • Direct delivery both externally and in-house.
  • Return management with return types, reasons for return, exchange order and re-payment.
  • Module for purchase with status, approval, coverage of shipment, shipment returns, calculation of needs, proposition for purchase and automatic stock filling.
  • Customer club and bonus management.
  • Voucher ledger for management and control of all vouchers in all sales channels and companies. Handles bonuses, gift vouchers, return vouchers and down payments. Accounting of debt and settlement between stores and companies is performed automatically.
  • Economy module with effective functions for accounting, VAT, receivables and payables, invoice management, Fixed Assets and more.
  • API for connecting external systems that can retrieve and send data concerning e.g. article, prices, inventory, customers, orders, deliveries, returns, purchases, vouchers and more.
  • Reports and documents. All data can be imported to Excel.


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