Omni-channel Retailing och Unified Commerce med BeX® Online

What is ”Omni-channel Retailning” and ”Unified Commerce”?

”Omni-channel” customers want to use all channels at the same time and independently of each other. Retailers that use an ”omni-channel” approach want to reach customers in all channels, not just one or two. If one uses “omni-channel retailing” towards all customers, all sales channels will use the same database with products, prices and campaigns etc. “Omni-channel retailers” allow the customers to experience the brand, not only sales channel for the brand. Sales and campaigns are then not specific for each sales channel but the same for all. With ”omni-channel retailing” sales become more effective, with offers aimed at specific customer segments based on purchase behavior, social classification, website visits, loyalty programs and other data gathering methods. With ”Unified Commerce” you can reach even further with all data being available in real time.

BeX® Online supports sales in all channels with an omni-channel perspective. In BeX® Online all information is saved and can be used in all sales channels, both physical and digital, be it the physical stores, franchises, temporary mobile stores, web shops, e-marketing platforms etc. Information about customers and purchase behaviors is compiled and utilized in order to aim campaigns and offers. Customer Clubs, loyalty programs, and handling of vouchers such as gift cards, credit notes and bonus checks is compiled and can be used in all channels. BeX® will keep track of bonus points balance, validity, campaigns etc. in real-time. Outstanding debt and settlement between profit centers and legal entities is posted and handled automatically.

Through advanced logistics and order processing different warehouses, stores, supplier-warehouses etc. will be exposed to sales in all channels. BeX® will check all incoming orders where they are to be picked and distribute them to the correct location where they will be picked, restocked, collected and sent. BeX® can create replenishment orders, drop shipment and automatic settlements between warehouses and legal companies.

For customers BeX® enables them to buy, collect, return and exchange their products in whichever channel works best at the time. One can, for example, buy online, exchange in a physical store and use the credit note received the next time you shop, either in store or online. BeX® will keep track of the price paid and how much is still left on the credit note, gift card or bonus.